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About Us

The Mason County Concert Association (MCCCA) has been in Shelton since 1949. It is part of the national community concert organization which was established in 1926 to bring first class music and entertainment to small towns. Mason County Concert Association is a non-profit organization that finances 4 to 6 concerts a year through a membership system. Each member pays one low fee for a season pass. Our concert association also has reciprocity agreements with concert associations in some of the neighboring communities.

Our concerts feature all kinds of music including classical, folk and popular music. We also have selections featuring dance, theatre, musicals, acrobats and others. Performers may be a single person or a whole troupe. These artists are the best in the country and tour the US and abroad.

How we select our programs

We choose our concerts a year ahead, before the existing season has even started. We work with a booking agent, Live On Stage, in Nashville that works with many concert associations around the country. Each area, ours Washington, Oregon and Northern California have a representative that comes and tells us through videos, tapes and their live experiences about a selection of 40 to 50 performers in their catalogue. To get the artists for a good price, the agent tries to book them in neighboring towns. So, when we pick someone, they already have an area and a three week window of the date they could come. Next, is price.

We have a budget and have to work within it. Thanks to the gift fund, we can get more concerts. So it reduces to when the artists can come and how much they cost. We try to spread them out through the fall, winter and spring. We also can and do book a performer that is not with Live On Stage. We do not get to pick the exact date of the performance. That is why they happen on all days of the week and some performances are close, in time, to one another. We do our best to bring you a variety of artists. We hope you are enjoy them.